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BFN 11dpo..

Im feeling way different then i do waiting for AF....this would be my second baby and i feel similar to the way i felt when i was pregnant with my daughter...i just have a feeling i am bu that BFN was very disappointing...should i consider myself out this month?

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You may have tested to early, the best way to avoid disapointment is to wait until your AF is late and then take a HPT. Fingers are crossed for you!!!

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5 years ago

I hope not... I got a BFN this morning too at 11 DPO. I am TTC #1 and just had a gut feeling I was pregnant this month. I think we still have a chance, thought the statistics get worse daily from this point on.

5 years ago glad im not alone! Sticky baby dust all around...hope we get our BFPs!!

5 years ago • Post starter

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