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Is my chart normal? Opinions needed.

This is my first month charting temps. When I look at other charts, mine looks nothing like them! I'm doing everything EXACT.

Since O day my temps started rising and have not stopped. I know its still early, but my temps just go straight up. Is that normal? Am I doing something wrong?

(if you cant find my chart let me know so i can make it visible)

4 Answers • 5 years ago


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you could try a dollar store test iuno y the lines r like that but ya i would with my temps going up like that how many days is your af

5 years ago

My luteal phase is 16 days so I'm not sure a positive would show up yet, but I'll try tomorrow. I have lots of internet cheapies! Is there always a dip when theres an implant? If so, doesn't look like I've got one yet.
I'll get the hang of charting one day. Thanks!

5 years ago • Post starter

Your chart looks perfectly fine!!! There is no set way for a chart to look like. As long as you temp the same time everyday you have nothing to worry about and by the way not to jinx you but it looks very promising :) Also not everyone has an implant dip!! I hope I won't have one either maybe in hindsight its cool to see the approximate time of implantation but I hate seeing dips in my chart lol good luck tbis round hopefully it will be the last one for ya :)

5 years ago

Thanks for the reply Michelle! I'm trying not to get my hopes up because it took almost 2 years to conceive my son, this time we're only one cycle 3. If I had charted before this month then I would feel better having something to compare it to.

My luteal phase is so long (16) so I still have a week to go. With my son I didn't have a + until cd17! I'm hoping and praying my temps stay this way!!
But you make me feel better! lol Good luck to you!!

5 years ago • Post starter

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