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Could I be Pregnant?

I have PCOS and Hypoythyroidism both under control no cycle since june 8th, and home urine test neg, but. I have several symptoms of pregnancy. Runny Nose/Stuffy Nose~ Crazy, Vivid Dreams~ haven't dream't this many nights in a long time, Strong Smelling Urine~yes, no uti. Dizziness or Light Headed - Recently with lots of fatigue, and energy zapped, Bleeding Nose= I've had 2 in 3 weeks and I haven't had a nose bleed since childhood, Strange/Metallic Taste in Mouth~ horribly, Diarrhea~off and on with constipation, Hot Flashes~ Like crazy, Really tight VG in july and am dry during intercourse. My body temp usually is 96ish and is staying steady around 98-99. Cramps in lower abdomen, nausea, eating helps. Bloated horribly, my tummy is also firmer, and breasts are sore and feel more heavy. Dr. said wait till next week and we will do bw and ultra, etc. I have never been pregnant before and the only thing that scares me is if I am I need more thyroid meds prevent MC. yes we are trying

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