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Im confused.....?

I was suppoed to get AF July 16, and still nothing. The last 5 days now I've had very little spotting. I wipe and theres slight brownish color in CM but the other times I used the bathroom and wipe, theres nothing... I've never spotted before and with AF, it just comes. I just wish AF would start if thats what it is.... I want to test, but I don't want to see a BFN again... DH and I have only been ttc for the last few months now, so im new at all this. No O testing or charting. I just usually go to to track menstral cycles and possible ovulation... Could I be pregnant? Or am I just losing my mind? lol

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did u do any test??? If not u should!

5 years ago

If you're having unprotected sex, then there's always a possibility that you're pregnant. I had brown spotting for 10 days straight with my last pregnancy...unfortunately it ended in a miscarriage. However, this isn't always the case. Many women spot throughout their pregnancies and have healthy babies. Also, low progesterone could cause spotting. So, if you think there's a chance that you are...take a test. If it's positive, call and let your OB know and inform them of the spotting so they can check your hcg and progesterone levels. Either way, you can discuss your late AF and spotting with your OB and hopefully get some answers. GL! :)

5 years ago

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