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I think I might be pregnant...opinions?

So, I ovulated on the 18th of July, 20th, had slight brown discharge. Few days later felt weird. Didn't think much of it until today. My AF is NOT supposed to come on until the 5th! No doubt. but today, she decided to come on. Or, so I'm assuming its AF. I have light bleeding that started out as slow spotting and now it's kind of spot here and there but it's still enough that I have to wear a pad. I have very slight cramps, not enough for me to think...full on AF? idk, I know stress makes AF come late but 4days early? is that even POSSIBLE? Please help! TTC since March 2012 and gave up about a month after getting lots of "-'s". I feel like I want to just throw up at times, been very moody lately. But this all isn't possible if I'm having IB, yes? idk, I'm so confused. trying hard not to think about this but, easier said than done. Opinions?
P.S: I did BD end of my AF and a few days before July 18th.

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