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anyone get pregnant quickly after stopping microgestin(loestrin) fe 1/20?

i got off of mirena march 31st to start trying to get pregnant with took 10 weeks to get my 1st period and that lasted 4 weeks so i got on prempro which isn't birth control,to stop my bleeding for 28 days but on day 11 of the pill i started bleeding again.

so my doctor put me on loestrin fe 1/20(mircrogestin is the generic brand).i have to take that for 28 days and then get my i should be back just wondering of other womens expereince trying to get pregnant after only going to be on it one month so i was thinking it would be easy.....

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Is it the progesterone pill? If so I conceived ID twins while BFing and taking the pill. I had a 4 month old Ibwas feeding, tired, still had pregnancy brain so I would occasionally miss a pill and obviously the nursing didnt keep me from ov'ing so my answer would be YES:)

5 years ago

its birth bleeding stopped the day i started it.i won't be able to get pregnant while on it.yet im tempted to "forget" a pill occasionally

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