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Implantation bleeding or AF? hmm

My last "AF" was exactly 2 weeks from today. It was a few days long, and super light. Afterwards, my hubby and I had sex, and he did finish off in me.

Is it possible hat if that was my AF, could I get pregnant right after that bleed? Because I've been having some cramping/twinges around my uterus/ovaries, back aches, fatigue, and slight breast tenderness. (Boobies are very full and heavy)

Took a test, isnt quite what Id like to see. Super faint line. But maybe its too early?

What do you think? :/

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Very good chance you were pregnant before yall had sex now just wait at least two days then test again

5 years ago

Ovulating right after your period is not impossible, but it is rare. Right now would be around the time you would be ovulating if you just started your period two weeks ago. I always get twinges around my time for ovulation, its quite normal and my boobs get sore too. I think you are just about to ovulate and are not pregnant.

5 years ago

I never cramp UNTIL the 2nd day of my period though... and my periods are always very heavy. (7 days long.) This "bleed" was only like 2 days long, and was peachy pink when I wiped. I think I got my bfp yesterday! I'm going to re-test tomorrow morning. :)

5 years ago • Post starter

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