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I got my BFP but now how do I survive the wait before going to the doctor?

Im one of the ones who knew right away that I was pregnant and Im also a POAS addict so with those two qualities I was testing often and way too early. I'm 4 weeks pregnant today and got my BFP (finally) 3 days ago. But my doc doesn't want to see me for another month! I know I should relax and enjoy it but I just want to know that everything is ok. How do you get through the 4WW after the 2WW?

3 Answers • 5 years ago


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its so annoying waiting that whole time, I had to wait till I was 7 weeks and even then they didnt even confirm it, just took all my details down took some bloods and then said see you when your 16 weeks :/, this time I did get to have a scan at 7 weeks due to a mc last year, so that was good.
cant really answer ya question but just say it is a pain waiting :), but it will go quick

5 years ago


I'm sure you'll soon find that pregnancy is all about waiting. First you have the 2ww to find out you're pregnant, then the 12 ww to get through the first trimester (much harder than the 2ww I promise you). Now I'm just waiting to have her (I'm almost 37 weeks and the waiting is driving me crazy...third trimester drags on too). I think it's just teaching us patience for when the little ones get here. Just be excited about your BFP and start healthy habits if you haven't already to help give your baby the best start possible. Congrats on your BFP:-)

5 years ago

Spend some time going thru your diet and focus on the health of yourself and the baby. :) I also read lots of books. It will go by fast.

5 years ago

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