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Very Faint positive 12 dpo/ husband throws up.

I am currently 12 DPO. My husband wakes up out his sleep thus morning and starts vomiting out of no where and that never happens, not to mention we all had the same dinner. So no food poisining. I decide to take a test and got a very very very faint positive. I am cramping this morning which is not like me to cramp...what do yall think.....

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Lol ok im sorry but that is funny! Maybe he is channeling your hcg? Or it could be quencedence. In allthe truth though Some men after finding out that there mates are pregnant can have phantom symptoms. And it can include: morning sickness, hot flashes, vivid dreams, intestional cramping and mood swings. Hormones are funny things and can actually be transfered through sweat or slivia. Thus giving a little more validity to men having the symptoms. I havent heard anything on men and the effects of hcg on them but that might be the cause of your hubbys suddon vomit spree. Good luck.

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5 years ago

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