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Pregnancy test question! Also symptoms!

Hi ladies! Alright, I'm new to the site and I have a couple Q's for all of you-
*What test did you have the best luck with? I took two Kmart brand (Smart Sense) early results, both came up with lines. Turns out they are NOT positive because they're skinny lines, unlike the control. I ordered 10mIU strip tests off, wondering if those are any good?

*I've had two children, both of which I found out very early on that I was pregnant with. My son at about a week and a half, my daughter at 3 weeks. NTNP this next one. Just letting nature take its course. I'm 5dpo and already having symptoms. Not sure if they're all in my head? Anyone else have symptoms this early?

** DH and I BD's before and during ovulation.

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First Response Early Result and yes you can have symptoms at 5 DPO:-)

5 years ago

drs say symptoms that early are post ovulation symptoms as implantation wouldn't have occurred yet and the hgc hormone wouldn't be strong enough - yet Im sure many women who are pregnant or have been pregnant will stress that they had pregnancy symptoms this early - but whos to know wether they would of had them pregnant or not - I have seen people say they have had them as early as 2dpo which personally I find hard to believe but there ya go :) suppose eveyone is different an ya know ya own body.
I started to feel like I may be pregnant at around 7dpo and I dont care what any dr says I just knew :)
anyway I couldnt test positive with a clear blue £14 test but did with a 99pence one, I have always got pos results with very very cheap brands - but I would say my best and most clear (dark) test was a Asdas own £3.99. I think thats wallmart in America ( I think)

5 years ago

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