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WHy can't i upload my test picture :(

I keep trying to upload my test picture because i need heeeeeelp and it is the right size and for some reason each time i hit upload nothing happens and i look up and see the "browse" area is now blank? Can someone help me?

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1.Maybe you got JavaScript disabled...
2.If you have a link for your image, have you tried using BBCode in your message

Talking about photos, if you got a lot of them and you wanna make something nice for yor kids and friends one of the ideas is to create a slideshow with some good music. You may email your buddies this 3D slideshow or the photo album done by you and add your warm wishes using this program. It's much more enhanced than the Windows Movie Maker, 'cause it has professional templates and special effects.

And they offer a free trial version.

3 years ago

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