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PCOS Remission?

I had PCOS for three years, had my first child via fertility medicine (clomid and trigger shots).

Now, after breastfeeding for 11 months, losing 25 lbs from when I first became pregnant with DD... my fertility doctor says my ovaries looked very active and I didn't have any cysts.

I have used OPKs before and never had any luck. This month I found my ovulation day on CD 19, which isn't very far off a normal cycle ovulation.

Could PCOS have gone into remission, and if so, is it right for me to still sick fertility medicine?

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I'm sure it's possible... but if it were me, I'd still ask for fertility help just in case. Stupid PCOS.

Me: 27 PCOS DH: 25 Fine and dandy November 2011 First round of 50mg Clomid. December 22 !!! January 1 2012 m/c @7 weeks - Clomid 50mg round #2 Feb 2012. 21 day progesterone level at a 3 !!! Another m/c at 5 weeks - Clomid 100mg April - June epic fail - July Femara/Ovidril It worked!!! - Sept - .... lost a genetically healthy baby boy

5 years ago

I have PCOS too. I am about 32 weeks pregnant and my doctor told me that once you have a baby and are breastfeeding you remain really fertile afterwards unlike before where we had to take drugs to get pregnant. He said there is a very good chance you can get pregnant again once you stop breastfeeding naturally. If you don't want to get pregnant right away then to go on birth control to keep you regulated like normal and then stop only when you want to try again. So its very possible your just reaping the benefits from having a baby. I would only go back to the fertility meds if it doesn't work naturally after a couple of cycles.

5 years ago

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