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I am so confused, and want to know what you think...

I just tested... and it was negative again... If my pregnancy tests and ovulation tests are all negative... then what explains all the pregnancy symptoms??? I am so confused.... Even my hubby is noticing my boobs are getting much Bigger... and my belly isnt getting any smaller, even though I am doing almost everything to lose all this weight... and close to anything I eat makes me feel sick... And I started to leak again when I sneeze, cough, and laugh..just like when I was pregnant... What could this possibly be???

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Depends, how far past ovulating are you? Are you let for your period?

5 years ago


When TTC many of us have a tendancy to overanalyze every little sign and symptom. You only have a 20% chance of conception each cycle (even with absolutely perfect timing), but AF symptoms can be similiar to early pregnancy symptoms. It's too early for your belly to be getting bigger due to pregnancy but it could just be some bloating. You don't mention how many dpo you are. Wait a few more days and try testing again. GL!

5 years ago

My period was supposed to arrive 2 days ago, and I will be 16 dpo... Could I have just tested too early??

5 years ago • Post starter

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