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Okay this is quite confusing! Help??(:

Well ladies. I am due to start my period tomarrow. And since about 7 dpo ive been getting a little sick occasionally, had a stuffy nose and a sore throat and some increased salvia. At about 11 dpo my breasts got sooooo tender and my nipples are sensitive and sore(that never has happened to me before my cycle!!) Im now 15 dpo and still happening. my nose has cleared up and now i have dry mouth. But i havent had any cramps only occasional like a pulling feeling at my pant line. My hips also lock really easily. And today at work.( i clean houses so im up most of the day) my back and legs was so sore i felt like i was a million pounds. My breasts also feel very heavy. So think i should test?? (: Pleasee let me know what you think if youve felt similar!

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I'd definitely test - you'll never know if you don't test. And with AF due tomorrow then you're definitely not testing too early!

As for feeling similar - yep. But I'm chalking all mine up to a terrific case of insanity this month.

5 years ago

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