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Confused by baby born unprotected sex from birth, 6 months later nd no pregnancy????

I had a baby 6 months ago nd me nd my partner hav not bin careful since to say the least :) but I thought women were extremely fertile in first 3 months after givin birth? However I didn't hav a period/any bleeding from 2 wks after baby was born(early dec) until 22 may. Apparently cos I was breast feeding. However me nd partner hav bin havin regular sex (unprotected) since baby was approx 2 wks old. nothing has happened. Based on a 28 day cycle I shud hav bin due a period 19th of June however still no sign.? Did digital sainsburys test tonite nd result "not preg" however did test without realising it shud hav symbol in window first before weeing on stick. So not sure if accurate or not. But if i look closely i think there is a extremely faint line there. Any thoughts? Was slightly disappointed by result shockingly. Mayb I do want another 1 now????

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breast feeding can stop ovulation it may not return till you have stopped breastfeeding all together, you can still bleed monthly but not ovulate, unless u take opks and know you do ovulate, then I have no idea - I just know that breastfeeding decreases ya chances of getting pregnant, alot of women use at as birth control :/

5 years ago

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