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Odd Bleeding?

Okay ladies my period is due in 4 days, havent had cramps or nothing and usually never get cramps and always start my period on expected day... but today i get up and i notice some blood but dismissed it cause it wasnt much, then notice a few hours later some more then it stopped all together along with the cramps and i feeling perfectly fine now nothing... is it my period early (which would be odd) or im confused idk whatt to think and comments or ideas would help Thanks!!

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It sounds like you could have implantation I had that on 7dpo, I had cramps like I was going to start, then I had some spotting. It stopped after a few hours. I am due on the 28th and still getting a Let me know if you test

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5 years ago

Ya Im hoping it was I talked to my doctor cause the bleeding got heavier then stopped hes worried of possible MC I hope not though...Thanks I needed some encourage ment :)

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