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Implantion or Af !? )):

This whole week I had brown discharge , yesterday saw some pink in it , a while ago I check & its SUPER dark & Idk what it is , there's a tent of red or pink & brown, also have cramps , painful.. still but I'm conceded bc my period is due in two days I want to test today or tomorrow or just when my periods due, I'm not sure if I should worry about me being pregnant or if its Af . Please someone help, oh and also I'm cramping on the right side of lower abdomen and I had tender sore breast for sometime .other than that Idk if I could be pregnant .. HELP

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if your cycle is due in a couple days I would say that it might be AF.. implantation would have happened earlier unless you ovulated late.. Im sry I cant be of more help, but im sorta in the same boat except my cycle is due next tuesday and I am bleeding today on CD 19!

5 years ago

I do not think it is implantation. HOWEVER! Every single time I have ever been pregnant this is what happen. I'd be waiting for AF, and when I got my AF it was brown/pink/spotty/ shorter than normal. It would last a day or two then trail off. THAT is how I knew I was pregnant. Thats why when you go to the doctor, and if they think you may be pregnant, sometimes they will ask you "when was your last NORMAL period? " This implies that when a woman gets an abnormal and shorter period there is a chance of pregnancy. Because your body is flushing out the leftover blood that isnt a part of your now thickened endometrium.

I would take a test in a day or two. I could be wrong. But I'm just telling you my experiences.

Good luck!

5 years ago

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