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*Confused* AF Late and HPT BFN :/

I was due for AF yesterday. I usually start in middle of night/ early morning. AF never showed. Last week I felt period like cramping for about a day and half (off and on) and all this week I have been feeling nauses off and on and my left boob has been slightly sore (i think its weird that its only the one). Early morning and night time is when I can really notice the sensitivity. I took a HPT yesterday w/ FMU and it was a BFN. I took another one a couple hours ago and again a BFN. Could I still have a chance being pregnant this cycle or should I stop wasting my money on HPT?!

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did you track your ovulation? Thats the only way to know for sure when you are suppose to get your period. You may have ovulated later than usual this cycle. Regardless, your never out til AF shows up!

5 years ago

I ovulated either the 25th or the 26th. My DH and I DTD ALL week!! ;)

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