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Does every woman get Implantation? If you don't, does that mean your not pregnant?

Does every woman get Implantation? If you don't, does that mean your not pregnant? I am 8 DPO & not sure what's been going on with my body, only that I have felt some pain in my stomach but unclear if it's all in my head. Haven't had any cramps that I have noticed, nor any spotting. Is the normal? Or am I out for this month to?

need implantation to be pregnant (4 votes)
don't need everyone is different (7 votes)
not sure (1 votes)
need more info to tell (0 votes)
your out this month (sorry) (0 votes)

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Implantation is not a symptom but part of being pregnant. After you ovulate, it takes approx 7-10 for the egg/sperm to implant inside your uterus. That only happens IF the egg and sperm connect, and IF together they make it to the uterus and actually implant inside the lining of your uterus. I think what you're asking, is if the symptoms of cramping and spotting around that time happen for everyone. And no, they don't. I never had "implantation spotting" for both pregnancies. I did have the cramping for one of them and I had crazy cramping for a couple of cycles that I wasn't pregnant during. Every woman and every pregnancy is different.. Good luck and I hope you get your positive soon :)

10 years ago

Don't fret too much about noticing the implantation spotting or cramps I didn't even cramped from Dpo1 and I'm still cramping I got my bfp at 13 dpo and didnt have implantation spotting until day af was due very very light pink discharge I wouldnt have noticed it if I wasnt looking for it try to wait for af and see if you have the same but don't worry if you don't as long as your af doesn't start. Best of. Luck and lots and lots of baby dust

10 years ago

thanks ladies, I am going to try not to test until the 17th, AF due the 14, & she was on time last month. So to keep down the dispoinment I am going to just wait for her.

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Nope, Not All Women Who Are Pregnant Experiment Implantation Bleeding. There Are More Women Who Don't Have Implantation Bleeding Than Women Who Do.

10 years ago

I just got my bfp and had no spotting I did with my daughter. But not with this one so no you don't have to have Implantation bleeding to be pregnant baby dust x

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10 years ago

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