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Wondering if I could be pregnant?

I am 12 DPO. symptoms are all over the place. My nipples started itching at 0 DPO went on for more than a week. have been bloated, foggy headed. lower back pain, some minor cramping. I have taken 2 home pregnancy tests over the last week. both negative. Last one was 2 days ago. I haven't been sleeping well and could hardly sleep last night at all. About 5 days DPO I woke up with a bloody nose. This never happens. Period is suppose to start tomorrow. Im 33 and had sex last 5 days before Ovulation. He pulled out so I am not sure if there is even a possibility? Any advice or feedback is appreciated. I stopped taking birth control about 9 months ago.

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You could be - but I doubt it and here are my reasons: He pulled out so even if there were some sperm in his pre-cum, if he has pre-cum, then potentially you may have had some sperm in you but it wasn't SHOT up to your cervix like if he had ejaculated and there isn't THAT much sperm in pre-cum compared to ejaculation. Also women tend to fluctuate. I personally had 29 day cycles, then randomly switched to a 45 day cycle for 3 months. I went on BC for 4 months to get regulated again, stopped, and was back to my 29 day cycle. At the same time, HPT usually won't pick up a positive until 10+ days. How do you know you are 12 dpo? Are you tracking your ovulation? Are you trying to get pregnant? If so, why is your guy pulling out?

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5 years ago

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