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Ovulation breast tenderness, I only get it some months and usually lasts a couple of days.

I am now10 dpo and the pain is still there and sometimes increasing. It is mostly painful on the sides, and my left breast has a hard, don't want to use the word lump but I will. The 'lump' is more tender to the touch than anything. So, has anyone had ovulation breast pain that lasted til bfp??? Or does the pain feel the same as early pg. Ive been reading more into people saying there is a difference if the pain in on the sides or top of breasts?? What your opinion? Ps I tested today at 10 dpi and got bfn.

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I have FBD (fibrocystic breast disease) and some months are worse than others... I have tiny tiny bbs and right after i O they gain a cup size (i make it into an a cup YAY) become lumpy and HURT!!! you might want to have your Dr. check for FBD. it is more common than it sounds. Touching and or squeezing will make it flare up more so try to not touch it... hot or cold packing works very nicely for the pain, wear a supportive bra to take the weight off them, that seems to work as well.

One thing i do remember is with pregnancy they hurt 10 times worse than normal and you almost wish they would just fall off.

Good luck to you and i hope you get your BFP

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5 years ago

Finally my bbs are starting to hurt less,:'( I guess i was hoping it would turn into pregnancy bb pain, tested today again, bfn. Next month will be 1 yr of TTC.... Ugh. Reading that sucks. Thanks for your input though!! Def get that fbd looked into..

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