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nearly a week i got a bfp but now neg?! confused xxx

hi ladys heres me!! im on about day 34 past a bfp last monday (a week tomorrow) but the rest of my test are neg! soo confused! if this helps ive been getting brown dis from friday(cervix high),pains like af coming,keep crying just feel lazy too lol! just wonder if any of you had this an still be pregnant? if nothing changes doctors wednesday!
TTC No 2. baby dust to all xxx

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Hey hon! The same thing happened to me last week. Faint + on Sunday evening, then days of negative tests and AF showed up yesterday. I still don't know if it was a chem pg'cy or false +. I hope your case turns out better!

5 years ago

aww hun i wish i never did the other tests! its reare for a fulse + :-( i wish you lots of baby dust. i will post with the out come :-/ x

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It's so disappointing to finally get a + and then find out you're not expecting, after all! We'll just keep trying...

5 years ago

This just happend to me as well. I got three BFP on 13dpo 14dpo and 15dpo on FRER and then yesterday I started spotting brown and today a regular flow and BFN. I will NOT ever test with FRER again unless I am atleast a week late for AF. This is the second chemical pregnancy I have had since December and if I had not used the FRER I do not think I would have even known. I hope you are an exception! Baby dust to you!

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5 years ago


So you got a BFP around 6 dpo but nothing since? That's VERY early, are you sure it wasn't an evap? Implantation likely wouldn't have even happened yet (remember it takes 6-12 dpo for implantation and then another 2-4 days for levels to increase to give you a BFP). Maybe you got your ovulation date wrong. What were you using to determine ovulation?

Wait to see if AF shows and try testing again. Best of luck to you:-)

5 years ago

exact same thing happened to me last cycle ... i did some research and found that an extra hormone may have triugger the test OR it was chem... :( it is really annoying to cause i have 3 friend all duye around the same time and it looked like i was the 4th :( but then AF came im hoping for more luck this month

5 years ago

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