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13dpiui, neg test, no period, back pain, headache, sore boobs for a week, HELP

First iui cycle, 13 days past iui, boobs sore for over a week, pain right side ovary area for 3 days, massive headache today all day, lower back pain, but negative home test, no period, so confused, any advise would be greatly appreciated.

Being ttc for 3 half years, no issues with me all clear, hubby lower sperm count, no real concern says doc!

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Are you taking progestrone? If so, that can make your period late. Good luck with the IUIs, its well worth it!!

5 years ago

thanks JackieO, i was on puregon pen for 11 days then shot of ovidril then nothing for a week then second shot of ovidril, which was over a week ago, but thought it would have been out of my system by now!!

Will see doc in 2 days time for blood test so that will definitely confirm

5 years ago • Post starter

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