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question about supplements..break it down for me ladies pleeease:)

ok so I have heard about so many fertility aids my head is spinning. I have been using rasberry leaf (convinced it aided in building uterine lining after IUD-see my previous post) and also baby aspirin (figured it wont hurt as long as I stop after ov). What about the following and how do they work:
green tea
soy isoflavins
omega 3's
I also recently saw someone post about pineapple?
I am starting pre-seed and soft cups too.
So whats the scoop and are there any I left out?

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i would be careful with taking raspberry leaf tea as early in pregnancy it can cause a misscarriage you should drink it from 36 weeks of pregnancy to help you go into labour as it helps to ripen the cervix help it contract to

5 years ago

Green tea - drink up intill ovulation
Soy inflavones- take no more then 200mg on cycle days 1-5, 3-7, 5-9
Omega3- take one capsule a day up intill possible bfp
Pineapple Core- eat at least 2-3 core after ovulation to help implantation
Folic acid- take no more then 1000mg daily up intill possible bfp
Preseed- sperm friendly lube, can be used when ovulating,
Baby asprin- 81mg daily, can be taken up intill ovulation or possible bfp
I dont know about the red raseberry tea, I do see ladies talk about it and use it.
They also say fish oil ( one capsule a day) I use the krill oil instead (they smell better lol) you can take this up intill posible bfp. Also getting on a good prenatal vitamin before can help. The DHEA you have to watch out for because if your hormone levels are off balance this wont help but works for some. I tried the soft cups but didnt have any luck. Hope this helps :-) always remember if in dought stop taking after ovulation.

5 years ago

Thanks. I was taking the raspberry to try to rebuild uterine lining but I took it all month. In my firat prwgnancy my midwife told me it was safe to drink it throughout my preg. as a uterine tonic and I did without issue. This time I'll stop after ov. My prenatals have DHEA in them too. I guess once yhey are out I'll buy some that dont have it. I am on cycle day so I wonder if it is too late for green tea to have an effect? My friend is also same cd and she is trying to convince me to take soy but I am thinking we missed window and starting 2 days late prob wont be effective. What do u say?

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