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Can fever extend your luteal phase?

I've had low fever on and off the last 4 to 5 days. Nothing higher than 102 F but still. I also have a sore throat and my body aches so it's pretty likely the flu. The first day with a fever I got spottings(11 dpo), nothing strange I always have 3 days of spottings prior my period. And I expected AF to follow (at 14 dpo), but the spottings stopped and no AF in sight. (now 15 dpo)
I know fevers can postpone your period by pushing the ovulation to a later date, but I've never heard nor experienced fever extending the luteal phase. So Can it do that or is it time for me to do a test?
Also can low fever harm a early pregnancy or make me miscarry (if that's even the case)?

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Yes you can test now I'm sure. Use FRER, I swear by them. I guess a fever can cause a late period but doubt it would although many things can affect your cycle (unfortunately mine is clockwork rain or shine, sickness and all :(.. ) and if you have had a temp of 102 for 4-5 days then I would go and get checked seeing as something can be wrong. 102 really isn't low grade. 100 is low grade. In our facility anything under 101 is low grade but at 101 and over we are required to contact our patients MD. It can be something as simple as a virus which your temp shouldn't stay high for too long with that or it can be more serious such as bacterial infection and you are in need of antibiotics. Either way you really should bring up the temp and concern of pregnancy to a doctor seeing as some medications can be harmful during pregnancy. And I do believe that dr's do not like to see you go too long with a fever being preg so def go get checked out

5 years ago

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