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Advice, please?

I had a m/c on 04/19/2012 and AF showed on 05/20/2012. I have been having headaches every day since AF showed, also back pain, dizziness, very low fever, muscle aches, upset stomach, heartburn... it shouldn't be TSS because I didn't use but 2 or 3 tampons, last one was removed monday, my period started sunday and was trying to stop monday, then some spotting tuesday then stopped. It's not normal for it to be so short. It also was brown monday... i don't think its infection from the m/c because the bleeding from that only lasted 5 or 6 days. It was 31 days after m/c started that AF showed. Whats it sound like to you ladies?

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It is hell going through a MC. I had one last November. Due to retained tissue, I had off and on bleeding with HUGE clots for 5 months and a slow declining HCG. My HCG finally reached 2.5 four weeks ago (thank god) It was hell. If you want to get your cycle straitened out, go on birth control with estrogen for a few months. This is what helped me. I am now fully recovered and ttc again. I know it sucks having to wait a few months but trust me, it is worth it. Conceiving again so soon after a MC can cause trouble and possibly another MC. So take birth control and even some prenatal vitamins for a month or two. And you'll be all ready to go. :) Best wishes.

5 years ago

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