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Teeth hurt and on and off breast pain. Not sure if this is it

I am on cycle day 12 I think and I have been having on and off burning pains in my breasts esp the right one. I have also been experiencing heat on the top of my chest. 2 days ago I had one large globe of CM of a white and slightly yellow look and lotiony consistency, this never ever happened before. Nothing substantial since then. Also about a week ago I had a sore throat for 2 days and it was gone. I must mention finally that I have been having burning lower back pain for the last week and my teeth feel funny. Has anyone any similar symptoms and could the CM just be my cyst ruptured (2cm corpus luteum Cyst just diagnosed last month. Please tell me someone has experienced this burning boon sensation I'm talking about.

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I just got my BFP yesterday - My teeth have been driving me crazy. Super sensitive, and just really achy/sore!!
Good luck!!

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5 years ago

Thanks that gives me hope :-). This is my first time trying anyway

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