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clarification on pre-seed for those who use and know the product well

I have heard so many success stories I bought pre-seed and instead cups. This will be 2nd cycle using. I looked it up on internet and am confused bc numerous sites and posts said that this is NOT a conception aide nor does it improve the motility or life of sperm. It is just the only lube that doesnt stop or damage them? I also read that the cups are not meant for a conception aide either , only menstrual flow and that there is an expensive cervical cap that is the thing that helps. I was kind of bummed and the posts weren't very friendly or hopeful. I know what I on this site and trust u ladies so I am using them anyway hoping this is my month! What do u know and what info have u read/heard about the 2?

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I think the reason they have this type of review for these products is because 1. Softcups are meant for af and not for conception tools but through trial and error many women have used this product to help them conceive, I know they worked for me! As for the pre~seed, it is a sperm friendly lubricant that will not kill the swimmers and that mimics your own natural CM. I bet if you dig deep enough you will find other reviews saying that pre~seed does help with conception. I personally love, love, love pre~seed, I know for sure that's the main thing that helped me get my bfp this cycle! I wasnt producing a lot of fertile cm and I was not ok with taking another pill to help me produce it so we used ore-seed every time we bd, I have many friends who used pre-seed for the first time and got their bfp that cycle! I hope you get yours soon! Baby dust!


5 years ago

I've been using preseed for a few cycles now, and this is my first cycle using soft cups. I really recommend preseed. Even though we haven't been successful yet it is the most... comfrtoable lube I have ever used. I'm really sensitive so anything else burns, even the water based ones.

Even though I have no results yet from using soft cups I would recommend them too! One nice thing about them is they keep all the 'mess' inside you. Before after we would bd and I would do my usual rise of the legs for 30 min., but then as soon as I would put underwear and get up it would still all come out. I usually leave the soft cup in for about 3 hours and when I take it out there's no mess. They can be tricky to get in/take out but once they're in you can't even feel them. If I don't get my bfp I'll be using them for af.

All in all, I have heard I would say 99% positive things about both. Best of luck to you!

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5 years ago

those forums were absolutely WRONG!! i have personally talked to MANY women who have had success with both preseed and softcups and have become pregnant quickly. Join cafemom, then go to the trying to concieve group. you can talk to women who have became preggers using these products. =)

5 years ago

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