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I just got blood test you think I got this too early? I am 11dpo.

Had a blood test done today at a urgent care. I am 11 dpo. Did I do this too soon? I am due for AF tomorrow. It doesnt feel like its coming on, but I have had to pee 12 times a day, sick in the mornings, heartburn, back hurts, slight cramping and pulling in my belly.

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Each person and each pregnancy is different. My daughter came up negative when I was well over 14dpo. This time round I had bloods done at 11dpo and they were in the 'probable' range with 19. Two days later they'd almost quadrupled.
Hopefully it's good news for you, but remember even if it's BFN it ain't over until AF arrives :)
Good luck!

5 years ago

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