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light pink spotting

I am on cycle day 26. My cycles are often 35 to 40 days. After BD the last 3 days I have had light pink spotting. It last about the whole nest day. Is this something I need to worry about?


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Spotting can happen for many reasons (ovulation, pre-period, end of period, implantation, early pregnancy, cysts, irritated cervix, cut in the area, polyps, fibroids...). If you are near ovulation (which it sounds like you might be), it is likely ovulation spotting, which is normal and is even considered a high fertility sign. If you have been BDing a lot it could be from that as well. Some reasons why spotting may occur are harmless, others should be looked into by a dr, so if it keeps happening for multiple cycles and it's not ovulation or pre-period spotting, mention it to your doc, but I wouldn't worry about it yet. Good luck!!

5 years ago

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