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Skin discolouration on neck - can this be a symptom?

Hi there. I am 8dpo and have been having slight cramps, a headache and sensitive nipples since yesterday. I'm not reading too much into these symptoms, because I had similar symptoms last month around this time and that was just AF on the way.
However, I noticed this morning that I have a brown-ish patch of skin on my neck just below my ear. I have had this type of skin discolouration before, but that was when I was on the pill and got too much sun. It's winter here now, so not much sun around. Plus, I haven't had this problem since going off the pill more than a year ago.
I don't see skin discolouration listed as a symptom on the symptoms page and was just wondering if this could be a sign that I might be pregnant? Or is it too early to tell? I have heard of something called "the mask of pregnancy", but as far as I know that only comes later, if at all. Does anyone know what causes skin discolouration during pregnancy? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Actually darkening of the skin is actually an early sign, its usually on the face in patches or around the mouth, not all women get it, but it is one of the early signs. BUT like you said dont read too much into it yet, wait until AF doesnt show her ugly face. :) Good Luck and baby dust to you
Oh and its just hormones being imbalanced it fades and goes away as quickly as it comes.

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