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High bbt temps. 9 dpo to early to test?

I have 32-35 day cycles

I believe I ovulated CD 18 which according to this site, puts me at 9 dpo.
I did a preg test today (early morning) and it was neg:(

Only reason why I tested is because my temps did a just about 6 days after O, are are staying high
They went from 36.35 to 36.61 and have been like that for 3 days now.
Thought if I was preg or starting a tri-chart that I would be able to get a positive test?

Anyone ever get a positive preg test, with high temps later then 10 dpo?

Should I try tomorrow, or wait a a few more days?

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Wait a few days... you'll get a more accurate result then. Good luck!!

5 years ago

Wait until your period is due.
I've tested negative even after my period was due and got my positive at 19 dpo (instead of 15 dpo). (It sadly ended in miscarriage 2 weeks later, but still...)

5 years ago

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