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Am I Pregnant WTH!!

So i am updating from yesterday with the postive ovulation test being 13dpo. My husband picked up some ept brand pregnancy tests which I have never used before. I took it last night and didnt see anything as far as positive but when I looked at it this morning it looks positive! So has anyone had any issues with these showing neg than positive? I took another one this morning and looks negative but the horizontal line in the test is really light too. UGGGH so annoyed!

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I have never used this test. Does it say read the results before a certian amount of time? Usually you have to read them before a certian amount of time as they can give you a false result. Ive had first hand experience of this in the past.

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6 years ago

They are not accurate after ten minutes. Go to -- she did experiments with blue dye tests including ept and they all appeared + after awhile (well many of them did).

6 years ago

Get a FRER the blue dye test are rubbish and pretty much always come up with a thin blue evap line..i used a cheapie at 14dpo was neg and clearblue digital said 1-2 weeks pregnant at 15dpo there wasn't even a faint line on the cheapie at 14dpo so it can just jump like that within a day :)

6 years ago


Use a pink dye test and do not read it after the test limit. Good luck!

6 years ago

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