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Short light periods last 2 months?

Keep in mind I'm always on time, its always atleast 6 days, very heavy and painful cramps. Now....Last month I was a day late, only had it for 4 days, light and was mostly dark brown. Started having "preggo symptoms", but AF showed 3 days late. She showed on Mothers Day (nice huh), I hardly had any cramps, light and tampon was dark brown and red . Today would be day 4 of period only today its just pinkish/brown, a little on panty liner, but really only see when I wipe. Your thoughts...

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I would take a test you would definantly be far along enough to get a positive if you were pregnant...

5 years ago


It's common to have wacky periods sometimes. Also it's normal for our periods to change overtime. I would guess that those were just your periods, but if you want to test for peace of mind, go for it.

5 years ago

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