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You girls got me curious with the OPK brand questions.

I've always used the First Response ovulation kits, but in our 5th cycle of ttc this time, I got "smart"/thrifty and ordered from I am on cycle day 9 with shortish cycles (24-26 days lately) and expect my + opk in the next few days, but my cheapie internet tests had barely been giving me a line (I usually saw a "fade in" pattern on the FR tests, where it would gradually get darker prior to the surge). Well, I just tested with a First Response and the internet cheapie after peeing in a cup, and I have to say, the lines look about the same relative level of darkness! I think I am starting my "fade in" pattern. I'm impressed with the internet one. It's slightly harder to read than the FR test, but seems pretty accurate. I trust FR for opk's as I have conceived 2 pregnancies via ovulation detection with these kits (I.e. Bd'ing immediately after getting a dark + opk). Incidentally, they also "worked" as hpt's when I conc

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Oops, that should say the FR tests worked as hpt's when I conceived my dd #2. The ov tests gradually got darker around the time I got my BFP with her. (Of course you can only "play" with them at that point, as some women get an LH surge around AF's due date anyway.)

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