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To all the ladies here who are doing IUI or will be soon.....

Hello all, I was hoping to meet a few gals in my position. I started a new group in the discussion forum and hope that you will feel free to join in. I know I could use the support and I'm sure there are more of us who feel the same. Anyway, the gourup is found under "cycle buddies and groups" and it's called, "Hey, IUI ladies!! Where you at sista's?!" I think you have to type this exact title into the search bar to find it fastest, otherwise just scroll through the others to find it. Hope to see you all:)

User Image 5 rounds of Clomid (1 chemical) 2 rounds of Femara + IUI (1 chemical) 4 rounds of Femara, Clomid, Menopur+IUI (all BFN) 1 IVF in January=

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