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Cramping and twinges from Ovaries,implantation ?

Hi, I am ttc #2, used opk dipsticks this cycle and got my first positive CD 17 BD day before and after. My LMP was April 19 and now I'm on CD 26 with little cramping in uterus. I have been getting cramping, hot flashes, and twinges in my ovaries from CD 23-25 now it has eased up but what was interesting was the fact I have been getting positive opks since CD 23 up until now. Is it possible that these cramps are due to implantation. I am 9 dpo with be taking a HPT FMU tomorrow.....

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If you are getting positive OPK's you definitely should try a HPT in the morning. Could be positive. Good luck!!!!

5 years ago


OPKs are not a reliable pregnancy test, so go with the HPT from now on, but 9/10 dpo is still quite early. GL!

5 years ago

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