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Confused Help Me Understand!

Hi everyone today is one of those days where I decided to take a opk test. It was positive very bright in color both lines will put a pic up took a cvs hpt and the results where negative. Can someone explain what this means I'm 8dpo with heavy sore bbs and I keep getting these headaches. Just don't know what to think!

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Hi i'm not sure but I think it's possible to get two lines on an opk all the time maybe the lines slightly darker if you are dehydrated which could cause headaches too. Just guessing tho. hope it happens for you soon.

5 years ago


Taking an OPK after ovulation won't really tell you anything. Wait a few more days and test with a HPT. Good luck!

5 years ago

a couple of months ago I decided to take opk's right before my period bc I was out of hpts. They all came out blatantly positive. A few.days later AF showed up. I posted about this on the forum and many women said they have experienced this. A surge in LH prior to AF is pretty common.

5 years ago

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