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Hello all! I am in my TWW and hoping for a BFP soon! I have a question about cervix position though. During ovulation my cervix was very high, soft, open and wet like it should be. I have been checking i t's position every day since ovulation and it has stayed in that position up until yesterday when it dropped really low and got hard. I checked it again today and it's so high that I can barely reach it. From what I can tell because it is so high it feels squishy and like it's closing. Could this be a good sign that I'll get my BFP soon???

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I sure hope so because mine did the same thing this cycle. I'm 12 DPO and my cervix is high soft and closed up tight. good luck and baby dust

5 years ago

Last month mine was high and was this way until I get my AF. This month I noticed my cervix was medium position after my Ov like 9dpo and I got my bfp this month. I didnt check the position after that. Good luck


5 years ago


Unfortunately, cervical position is not a good pregnancy indicator. Your cervix will move thru-out the day, may be "hard' one minute" softer the next. High, then low.. and that numerous times per day. They suggest to check it at the same time, in the same position, everyday, but even at that, its not reliable. Its a much better indicator of ovulation, then it will be for pregnancy.

5 years ago

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