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early period bleeding or what

my last period was 4/20 and i don't know for sure when i ovulated my periods are usually around 28 to 31 days my period should start around the 5/18 but sunday i noticed some brownish spotting when i wiped it was a very small amount of blood not even enoght to show up on a panty liner and it only lasted 2 days could this be implantation bleeding it kinda strange for my period to start this early it was only day 16 of my cycle and my periods always last 6 days me and my husband have been ttc for a while now but latley we weren't trying to focus on it to much when i happens it happens so what do y'all think implantation bleeding or super early period and when should i test if it was implantation bleeding

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How many DPO are you?

5 years ago

i don't know for sure but i belive it was around the 4/29 becuse of the extra cm

5 years ago • Post starter


It's fairly common to have some light spotting around ovulation, and since it was the middle of your cycle, that would be my guess. Of course many things can cause spotting, even just an irritated cervix. Good luck!

5 years ago

Yes, implantation bleeding can occur 6-12 days after conception. It would be pinkish, brownish and can last a few days

5 years ago

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