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Am i ovulating?

Ok so im supposed to (according to a ovulation calander) be ovulating now or tomorrow but ive never paid attention to ovulation pain or other symptoms. Heres what ive experienced the last two days.

ewcm, but none today its mostly lotiony now
im much warmer then i was yesterday
and since earlier today ive had cramping that i thought was gas but it doesnt seem to be.
I checked my cervix and its gotten higher but still soft and open and its REALLY tender and kind of sore.
Also there is a pressure and ache on one side of my lower adomen now.

Are these symptoms of ovulation? please help im so lost.

4 Answers • 5 years ago


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I am in the same boat as you hunny! I have no clue what is going on! I've been testing opk for the last 5 days (Currently on CD 19) and since yesterday I got a strong positive OPK. I was sure I was going to O soon, so we BD yesterday afternoon. However, my temp had only dipped just prior to the positive opk, then on the day of the positicve and temps are getting higher and higher!
I think I may have missed the mark:(
I have a small amount of ewcm the day prior to the positive OPK and that was it...

Guess all we can do now is 2ww

I have a scheduled blood test for friday, and that will confirm if O'd or not.

Good luck!!!!

5 years ago


calendars aren't always accurate because they are just based on averages. the only way to know if and when you are ovulating is to use some method such as taking bbts or using opks. Since you had ewcm but no longer have it, you probably already ovulated (but again, no way to know for sure). If you don't end up pregnant this cycle, consider a more reliable method next cycle. GL and lots of baby dust:-)

5 years ago

It sounds like you have already ovulated.
You can't rely on the calender method as you can ovulate at any time during any cycle, best to use opk and take your bbt :)

5 years ago

thank you ladies! i figured something had to be off thankfully me and my SO did the BD on the 3, 6, 7, 8, and 9 so im praying something stuck lol. I am completely dry now...well not COMPLETELY but i might aswell be so im thinking i ovulated already...i hope so anyway this is so frustrating!! lol

5 years ago • Post starter

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