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Am I the only one who's menstral symptoms are almost exactly the same as early pregnancy symptoms?

I think I might be pregnant, however, the only thing I'm basing this on is the fact I have that pulling/twing sensation in my lower abdom if I move or get up to quick. However, even this symptom is something I get before my period, but not as often as I have this month. I also have the swollen sore boobs & tiredness, but no other early pregnancy symptoms.....

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I am the same way, and interestingly enough when I got pregnant in Dec., I had no symptoms. Ended in m/c. So needless to say I don't put too much stock in symptoms during TWW. Good luck.

5 years ago


I am the exact same way. Every month I feel pregnant and then here come AF.... TTC for over 1year, starting to give, especially when I "feel pregnant" and Im not.... Good Luck!!!!

5 years ago

Thanks ladies... its so confusing and frustrating! My husband & I are in our late 30's and trying for our first. I've been reading about pre-seed, seems to have some great feedback. Maybe time to try something new.

Good luck to you both.

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