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Does this sound like a symptom?

For the past two days every time i eat i feel Super nauseated..No matter what or how much..I know that this might be a little to early because im only 6dpo. I'm also feeling dull pains in lower abdomen, heartburn and sore nipples. I don't know, im not trying to read to much in it cause im sick of the psych outs but i cant help but hope..

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im sorry hun.. much too early to be having any symptoms yet... implantation is between 6 and 12 dpo.. and this must occur first befor hcg can get into your blood streem and cause pregnancy related symptoms... so whatever ur feeling is not pregnancy related at this point.. exept the cramps could possibly be related to poss implantation... good luck...

5 years ago

I agree with the previous poster- mild cramps could be related to implantation and make you feel slightly nauseous. As far as true "morning sickness" with nausea and vomiting, that has never kicked in for me till the 6 wk mark. It's like it hits all at once when the hormone levels get high enough.

5 years ago

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