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9 days late and started spotting but feel pregnant

Sore breasts for a week. Extremely hungry. Awake at night but sleepy all day. after 9 days late i spotted for 3 days during which i kept getting dizzy and drops in blood sugar. Then had a flow for 1 day then spotted 3 days now its gone.the last pregnancy test i took was a week and 2 days ago (3 days late) and was negativehavent retested cause i thought i had my period but it wasnt really a period. I dont know whats going on please help?

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The way to know for sure and set your mind at ease is to take a test! If you have Walmart in your area, they carry the Inverness cassettes for 88 cents now! Lol, they are actually very good and don't have evap lines like some of the brand name hpts. Good luck!

5 years ago

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