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A rant not even ttc one just in general

Today got a letter from the courts. They are going to let my husbands exwife go with only paying $313 of the over $3000 of arrears that she owes. This piece of trash walked away from her babies, yes BABIES not only was she blessed with a perfect angel but she was gtiven TWO of them, all for the sake of drugs and alcohol. She never wanted kids and has 3 none of which she raises. The older boy to a different dad stays with the grandma. Does this not infuriate you fellow ttc members who would ANYTHING for just one child??? Here this person does nothi ng but put her kids in harms way. She had a dui with 3 children in the car. She did go to jail for it a whooping 30 days! I question why she was given these gifts the only thing I can think of is they were meant to be with me as they have been for the last 4 years. Theres not a drop of my blood in this little girl but she looks just like me!! Sorry for the rant just emotional today :( and angry....thanks for listening/reading.

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I totally understand where your frustration comes from. And you might be right as far as this was meant to happen for someone as caring as you to take care of the children. But I hear about this stuff all the time because my best friend is a social worker. Everyday she calls me ranting about her clients. Rather they are putting their kids in danger by living in a bug infested filthy home or the parents are using and abusing something to where they don't really think about their kid's well being. Either way its not acceptable and it doesn't hurt to know that someone could take reproduction for granted. What idiots.

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Ahh that bites, are the dues part of childsupport? I dont see why the judge would have done that unless she was stating she had no money (which you know they do). If she is behind on childsupport does your state issue jail time? I would so put in an appeal if possible. But good side is they have a wonderful stepmom who would do anything for them :-) Can you guys request she relinquish her rights to them that way you guys can be done with her and you can adopt the twins?

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Well she didn't show up for the contempt of court hearing so they gave her a ten notice to show up. I am supposing she did so since they ordered the measly 300$ I really just wish she would give up her rights as she should but no she says I wanna be a part in their lives. She is allowed phone time how often do you think she has so much as called to talk to her children????? You guessed it not ONE phone call since the very beginning of nov. No letter no xmas card no gift no birthday present nothing yet she wants to be a part in their lives....please save it. In a year of no contact we can file to have her rights involuntarily taken from as it will be considered abandonment. The part is I get to see all their accomplishments and milestones. It was I who saw them on their first day of school on the bus. It was me who cried as I watched the bus take these two little babies away from me :( I must say it was pretty tough seeing them get on that school bus!

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I'm really sorry to hear that. Those children sound very lucky to have you. My partner's ex-wife is a nightmare too, except she chooses to hold on to her daughter and fight to keep her so she can get a 'win' and receive money, despite proving to make horrible parenting decisions and showing very little interest and effort in her child's life. Her child communicates much better with us and is upset that she is limited to only one day/week and every other weekend. I try to see the situation for what it is, bc I've been divorced so I don't like to demonize the ex (the woman my ex husband left me for sure enjoys it!), but this woman does not look out for the interests of her child. Here's a situation where the father is involved in everything and loves so much, and she despises it, and makes every attempt to stop it (with no real justification for this anger, other than that she's angry at everything in her life). I hope your situation works out and these children remain in your good care.

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