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21 day cycle clueless

I have pretty regular 21 day cycles, and am almost a week late this month. Took a hpt yesterday and it was negative. This would be my 5th child and I have all the early symptoms but can't understand when I should test to get a positive considering my cycles are not the normal 28 days. Any body have a clue?

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i think (not sure but think) it still takes the same amount of days for the egg to get to the womb to implant, and you wont get a possitive result if it hasnt implanted yet. i would wait at least another week before re-testing! xx

5 years ago

Thank you. I figured I will give it another week just to be sure. Everything I feel screams pregnant and this will be my 5th child...just different because my cycles use to be 28 days exactly. Thanks again :)

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