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Any vitex users out there? Any luck?

Hi ladies!

Just wondering if there are any ladies out there taking vitex? This is my first cycle of taking 1200mg a day!
I started a bit late this month, so Im not expecting anything to happen right away...Just wondering if anyone has had success or positive results from taking vitex?
I just got news (ttc #2) that im not ovulating, and PCOS may be effecting my fertility again!
Im not your typical PCO patient, I have almost NO symptoms but my recent ultrasound shows some issues with enlarged ovaries and cysts.
Im not waiting to see an endocrinologist!
More testing yay!! NOT....

So, I hope that taking this vitex improves my chances or better yet helps me get pregnant!

Any luck with you ladies?

2 Answers • 5 years ago


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hey hun , i have very irregular periods, not sure if i have pcos or not, but i hadnt had a cycle since january, i started taking vitex and red raspberry leaf about a month ago, and i ovulated and got my period! soo excited, i really think it has helped me, im only taking 800mg daily, I have heard it doesnt work for everyone, but i dont think it hurts to try, sometimes it takes up to 6 months to take effect, good luck and if i can help anymore just message me! :)

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5 years ago

Thanks for your answer! I have noticed it has helped with some of my acne breakouts.

Im taking the full 1200mg a far CD 16 no positive O yet:(

I have a huge stack of blood work being done on CD 21 so I hope there's more light shed after those tests results come back!

Good luck to you also:)

5 years ago • Post starter

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