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Anyone Taking myo-inositol Supplement?

I have PCOS and this time my doctor put me on myo-inositol capsules (oosure). It seems I ovulated on CD 14 this time , usually i ovulate around CD16 or CD 17. Also I feel better with this...anyone else using myo-inositol ? please let me know what changes you had with this?

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I have PCOS too and i' m planning for my first IVF on september and I want to prepare my body with a rich diet and supplements and I want to try myo-inositol and d-chiro-inositol at the same time. I just don't now how to buy the myo-inositol, is this myo-inositol the same as inositol? Can you tell me how much dosage do you take? Thanks. Hugs.

5 years ago

I am from India and the medicine I am taking is oosure (myo-inositol 1gm) 2 times a day. It is more like Metformin. But the changes i noticed is that i had ovulated on CD 14 , my blood pressure was on a little higher range but within a week i felt normal. It is particularly used for PCOS treatment. Give it a try for sure :) . There are more vitamins that my doctor has prescribed this time will let you know the details as they might come with a different name at your place. Just relax and you never know you might not even need IVF :)

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