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still bleeding?!

well it has been 3 days now that i have been bleeding... this is starting to drive me crazy. went back to the er and they still refused to take blood or do an ultrasound. I'm very hormonal and poor DH is getting attacked by my mood swings.

I keep having this odd "something is wrong" feeling since last cycle started... like the BFN's i was getting were a lie. but 23 tests cant be wrong. I know the odds of being pregnant and getting af, very slim but i still cant shake this funky feeling that something is not right and the damned hospital wont help me.

any one have advise? this was more of a ranting session than a question but i'm starting to freak here.

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Were all the tests positives??? All 23 of them??

5 years ago

only a few of them looked to have something but I would get my AF a day or 2 later. mostly shadow lines that would show up with back lighting. but I couldn't get anything to show up when I inverted the image.

I'm at a total loss as to what to do.

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5 years ago • Post starter

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