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Is it possible to have implantation bleeding 10 days after positive ovulation test?

I had a positive ovulation test 11 days ago and we BD around those days, last night I had very very light pinkish bleed but nothing since, AF not due until Thursday? Is it possible that I could have been implantation that last after ovulation? When would a test show positive if it was?

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Hey! There's a new implantation calculator on here, and it says the average day for implantation is 9 dpo (I think the range can be from 6-12 dpo). The calculator says within 2-4 days of implantation you should get a + hpt. So, yes 10 dpo could definitely be implantation day, and I would wait a couple days to test. Best of luck to you :)

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5 years ago

Omg I've just asked the same thing I'm the same af due tursday too also had the spotting to keep me updated thanks

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5 years ago

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